Reading Entrails: The Messy Way to get a Psychic Reading

Psychic readings have become very commercialized since the birth of the Informercial and advertisements during daytime television, but there have always been forms of psychic readings or divination since history has been recorded. The list of methods for readings from ancient times to today is into the thousands, and ranges from chicken bones to tarot cards, but one of the most interesting ways to divine omens for tribes or people was reading entrails.


Haruspicy is the reading of entrails of animals, usually sacrificed animals, and was performed by a Haruspex. A Haruspex was a person in ancient Rome that was trained to divine the fate of a person, group, or city by reading the intestines of sacrificed animals like sheep, goats or a variety of poultry. The liver was considered the most valuable and revealing organ to perform a reading. The Romans borrowed and learned the practice from the Etruscans, and the practice of Haruspicy and all of its related forms was a popular form of divination since 2000 BC.


Hepatoscopy, also known as Hepatomancy, was what the Greeks named the practice. The Greeks practiced this form of psychic reading specifically on the liver. Like the Romans, the Greeks focused on the liver of sacrificed animals which included livestock or poultry.

Babylon and the Bible

Hepatoscopy was a popular practice in Babylon, but the Ninevah library has texts that point that the Babylonians were experienced in Haruspicy, and that they even evolved it into an art known as Exitispicy. Exitispicy was similar to Hepatoscopy and Haruspicy, but it expanded into more organs, and it also focused on how organs were positioned when they were being read. The Bible even makes reference to the King of Babylon practicing Hepatoscopy at the end of Ezekiel 21:21 when it says, “He looks at the liver,” but it is more likely that a king would employ diviners to do it for him, or as they are referred to today as, psychics.


This method of reading entrails is where getting a psychic reading definitely went too far. It is the practice of reading the organs of the dying or dead. Gender was not a huge factor in the reading. Although it wasn’t as common among the Greeks, Romans, and Etruscans at the time, Anthropmancy was being practiced despite Haruspicy and Hepatoscopy being the more common and popular methods. It is believed the it was practiced on sacrificed female virgins.

Reading of Entrails in 2015

It still happens today. It’s amazing to think that this practice that likely has gone on even before 2000 BC is still being practiced in parts of Africa, notably east Africa. It’s even widespread in the Ethiopia.


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Insights Into Setting Up A Gold IRA

gold barsAn IRA serves a very valuable and important purpose. It is intended to help put money away for one’s retirement years. Traditionally, IRAs are similar to a mutual fund in the sense that they reflect a managed account of stocks and other assets. The major difference is money can be contributed to it tax free. With all the benefits an IRA offers, some might find the notion of setting up a gold IRA to be a bit odd. Gold has not always been though of as an asset to put one’s retirement funds in. That may have been the case in previous generations. In the modern investing landscape, gold is considered an excellent vehicle for retirements savings.

The Motivating Factors Contributing to Gold’s Popularity

There are a few reasons why so many investors are looking to put a portion of their IRA savings into gold. While the current stock market climate might be a favorable one, no one knows what the future is going to look like. A person who is saving money for his or her retirement is not thinking about what the marketing is doing today or tomorrow or next year. The major concern will be on what the market may be doing in 20 years. Some do have serious concerns about whether or not the market is going to be strong in the future. Global economies have shown to be volatile and the global economic collapse of 2009 is still fresh in people’s memories. Recessions fears exist among the populace in quite a number of nations. If the economy takes a major downturn in the near future, currency and stock prices will tumble in value. This can have in inverse effect on the price of gold. In other words, gold may increase in value.

Gold as a Hedge

If a portion of the savings in an IRA is converted to gold, increases in the value of gold can offset the value of the rest of the assets if they drop. In such a scenario, gold acts as a solid hedge. Of course, there is also the potential the price of gold and the value of the IRA increase, which would certainly lead to a financially comfortable environment. There is no reason to feel gold cannot work as a decent hedge or retirement investment. The past 30 years has shown the value of gold is not only stable, but it has experienced huge increase in value per ounce.

Setting Up a Gold IRA

Setting up a gold IRA is not difficult, but it does require the completion of a few specific steps. First, the gold acquired as part of the IRA has to be 99.9% pure. There are only certain coins that meet such requirements. The physical gold coins or bars cannot be held by the person who owns the IRA. They must be placed under the care of an approved trustee. This does come with a setup fee and an additional monthly fee. A gold broker is going to be needed to help set up the purchase (or rollover into) the IRA. The hope here is the rising price of gold will cover all necessary costs. Increases in the value of gold over time likely would cover all nominal costs associated with this type of retirement savings.

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How To Recognize Good Binary Option Signal Providers

binary option signalsBefore talking about binary option signals, we should first talk about binary options themselves. What are they? Binary options are a new trading vehicle that has one of two results. You either win big or lose everything you invested. Let us take an example to illustrate. Suppose you believe the dollar is going to drop big against the Japanese Yen. You would buy a put on the dollar. If the dollar does in fact drop against the Yen by expiration, you win a fixed amount. If it does not drop, you lose 100% of the money you used to purchase the option.

Two Possible Outcomes

So there are two possible outcomes; you win the predetermined fixed amount or you lose 100%. You select your underlying stock, index or commodity; decide whether it will go up or down and place your bet. If you think it will be higher at expiration, buy a call. If you think it will be lower, buy a put. If you are right, you make a large return, if not you lose.

Getting binary option signals may be tricky. Several software programs can help you find binary option signals. Some of these programs are OK, while others are not worth a nickel. If you plan to use a software program, you will need to do your research and try to find one with a good, consistent track record.

Best Way to Recognize Binary Option Signals

The best way to look for binary option signals is to use your common sense.    Find out when economic data is being released. You may watch for the jobs report, or the Federal Reserve’s report. The Fed will put out its report on interest rates and the market may have a big move one way or another, based on the data.

Follow the market trends and make an educated guess as to what is likely to happen with economic reports. If you simply roll the dice on the direction of your stock, index, commodity, etc… you are not likely to have very good results. You would be surprised what a little bit of research can do for your trading results.

The Trend is always a good thing to watch. If your security has been in an uptrend, more than likely it will continue to go up. The same is true for a downtrend. Get charts of the security you are trading binary options on. Look for trading patterns and learn to recognize signs and signals for a change in direction.

Simply put, good binary options signals are going to very similar to good trading signals we see every day on stocks, futures, commodities and indexes. Take some time to think about expected news reports. With just a little bit of forward thinking, you are very likely to be a successful binary option trader.

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